Friday, April 2, 2010


When im trying hard to study math, then, this equation suddenly appear in my head:

kejayaan= (agama)x^2 + (study)x ,when x is the amount of 'usaha'

It is very interesting to note that at highest 'kejayaan', (derivatives of kejayaan), we will get
d/dx= 2(agama)x + (study)...
this equivalent to the rate of kejayaan

So how bout the highest rate of kejayaan?

We take the second derivative= 2(agama)

Wow! lets ignore the coefficient shall we. I love this equation actually, because, of all the success we pursue, this is the true one, our 'usaha' for our agama, ISLAM. This the purest form of any success that most muslim nowday ignored.
Lets us bring back the usha the messenger (peace be upon him) and his companions have done for us. The usaha that had brought millions of people to embrace Islam.

The Prophet(saw) said: "Help your brother whether he is a wrong-doer or is wronged". A man enquired: 'O Messenger of Allah (saw) , I may help him when he is wronged, but how can I help him when he is a wrong-doer? ' The Prophet (saw) said ' You can prevent him from wrong-doing. That will be your help to him" - Bukhari & Muslim

A friend of mine always remind me this,

The six manners of the companion that we should take mind:

1. Kalimah Tayyibri
2. Solat Khusyu' dan Khudu'
3. ilmu dan zikir
4. ikramul muslimin
5. ikhlas niat
6. Tabligh

Somebody also send me this equation:

kejayaan= (doa+tawakal)x^2 + (right intention: mardhotillah)x ,when x is the amount of 'usaha=study'

Yup, i also agreed with this, that is why ikhlas niat is there, at the top 5th of the list! (and all this is in the usaha for agama) :)

*Who am I to make this random equation. So please take note, this equation is made just for the sake of reminding and be reminded.

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