Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Fishing can be a really nice recreational activity. I usually go fishing on weekends, nightime fishing to be precise- from midnight till subuh. It really great actually, because at night, when wheather allow, u can see clearly the beauty of our mother nature. Yes, you can easily spot stars and moon while looking at the great universe above us mixed with the relaxing song of waves. And yes, not to forget the breezes blowing gentle massaging hand upon your skin, face and hair. How delightful!

A great sensation it is!

In addition to all these wonders, the darkness of night also eliminate the sighting of plastic trashes which can be very annoying during day time.
So, its pretty obvious that night fishing is a great and easy way to calm your mind and take some time to think clearly.
It is a good way for to solve problems!
Well, you also can choose to not to think anything and forget all those problems bugging your mind.
But for me, it still relaxing either way.

It almost subuh, when i realized it was enough for today. So I decided to pack up my things and go back home before Azan. I grabbed my fishing rod and start reeling up the line.
Then, i felt something caught up my hook.
I got curious, will i get my last fish by accident?
Quickly, i reeled up the line faster, it was heavy, so I said to myself,

"This going to be big!"

The bait almost reach water surface and I saw something big, long and shiny. For a moment there, I got excited.
But the hope came up dull. It just a piece of...


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