Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Desk Tips

Ok, did any of you ever having any problem with your desk being too small? Yes yes,i know. This occur most likely when you live in hostels or any colleges. Still remember when the last time u had too much homework or assigment that your require larger desk to place your books, latops, foods, and this little space for you to take a quick nap when you are super stress. Ha! I, fortunately, have a superb solution! Yes I do

Because now you can turn this regular desk...


to this superb enlarged desk!


Ooops! the desk quite messy... hehe. dont blame me, i took the pictures during my final exam..

So how? Here the steps to turn regular desk to a larger more comfortable desk.

1. you must first ask your roomate permission! This is how i do it.

Me : Eh, aku nak letak tilam kat bawah ni, ko x kisah kan?

****** : Takpa takpa, aku x kisah, lagipon aku blajaq kat atas...

2. Make sure you clean the floor first

3. Now easily slide your mattress untill it touches the floor completely

and Wal lah!!
Now if you notice, you already have yourself a nice large study desk. Believe me, now you can open your laptop while having other books on your desk.
Not only that! you also can take a quick nap whenever you want!! err, maybe sometimes it would turn out to be a long nice sleep.

So, what are you waiting for?

Turn you desk now! and have these benefits for free!

It easy, simple, and reliable!

*please be noted that it may not be applied if you live in hostels controlled by wardens. And please be aware this method had only being tested save to use in Cendana

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