Tuesday, September 23, 2014

As the shaking stop

Last night, i was awoken by an earthquake of 5.5 magnitude, it was 2.40 am, next to me was Muezza (my pet cat) puzzled, unlike her, i was not, i guess im use to it..

An earthquake... 

The earth was still shaking, but i didnt move, i dint budge, just lying there, on my bed, staring at the ceiling, not a single movement. Slowly and faintly I uttered Allah huakbar a few times in attempt to make a small Adthan call. I was not shocked, nor was i scared. I just figures that was the correct thing to do. 

As the shaking stop, i immediately went back to sleep. 

Hmm, i wonder what if the earthquake was stronger? if i didnt wake up? What if the house collapse burying me underneath. Will my yesterday sins be forgiven? Will my life sin be forgiven? 

And all those 'if' and 'will'. Nevertheless, none of this thought came into my mind last night, because... 

As the shaking stop, i immediately went back to sleep.

PS: This is probably the most meaningless post ever

My wretched sins could not find shelter anywhere except in the shade of Thy Merciful Forgiveness - Tariq Jameel

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