Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hari ini tamat lah practical work aku utk dairy farm

I hitchiked to Tauranga and stay in backpackers for one nite bfr i continue my jurney to palmy tomorrow

While hitchhiking, i met with a driver called Tom, we talked bout a lot of stuff along the way, then until one point

Tom: so u muslim dont eat pork, what else u dont eat?

Me: well, basicly we eat everything that u does, lamb, chiickens, cows fishes etc

Tom: As long as it is halal sloughtered rite? seashells?

Me: yeah, we can eat those, in general, we cant eat pork and for drink we cannot drink alcohol, and thats all

Tom: wat really? U never had a single sip of alcohol ur entire life?

Me: nope never

Tom: Wow, no wonder some muslims are rich, u guys never spend ur money on alcohol (kidding sound). I might even need to change my religion to islam so that i can cut the money i spend on alcohol. After that i might even own a farm!

*Then we both laugh*

Me (dalam hati): Tom how i really wish u will become muslim, hidayah ya Allah

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