Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brother Y

Ini mengenai seorng brother ni, karkun, org pakistan, doing his phd in microbiology dekat massey. Tapi amat2 x ku sangka, hari tu mase keluar 3 hari dgn dia, maka terbongkar la, rupa2nya dia ni graduated in vet dekat pakistan (another vet brother from pakistan, huhu). Ada pengalaman in vet practice n also used to teach vet students back at his home country. The best part, he is my lab demonstrater in biochem lab, hope the lab will run smoothly throughout the course, insyaAllah

Brother y yg kat knn sekali

And one more thing (xde kne mgena dgn brother y) Hari tu attends first wild life club meeting, awesome la, ade fifth year vet bg lectures, he talk about his exp in handling tigers, and about his research papers on corals ( dekat great barrier reef). He also talk bout his exp mase dekat healesville sanctuary di melb australia n another zoo somewhere in aussie

O yeah, one more thing to take notes, i never touch a dog bfr i do this course, but here, tiap2 minggu bukan sekadar pegang anjing, kene potong kulit dia, pegang muscle2 dia n do a lot stuff.. so new to me yet so FUN!

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