Monday, May 2, 2011


Just now jemaah from Saudi Arabia reach Palmerston North, together with them ade seorng pak cik ni name Othman, org kiwi.
Right after Asr, jemaah tu ade buat muzakarah sikit, and then.. Brother Othman td trus dtg kat aku.

Bro Othman: Assalamualaikm

Aku: wslm

Othman: so you are from Malaysia?

Aku: yeah

Othman: Student?

Aku: yes (jwb dgn penuh smile)

Othman: what coourse you are in?

Aku: veterinar

Othman: Ooo. ic2.. how many years bfr u finish?

Aku: 5 years

Othman: wow, a long course eh. After that you will go back to Malaysia?

Aku: yes

Othman: How long you will stay in Malaysia?

Aku: emm... sorry? (confuse knp tibe2 die tanye mcm tu)

Othman: i mean, ur contract with the government, how many years?

Aku: ooo.ic2 (mcm mne die tau ak ade kontrak?) emm, 6 years..

Othman: wow, thats long, you are about 20 right rite?

Aku: yes

Othman: ic, so you must be around 31 after that... Im sure at that time you are married and have childs already

Aku: yeah, insyaAllah.. (smile)

Othman: yeah...u r not going to get residency any time sooner.. its hard to find student that can be resident here

Aku: (x faham, so tunggu die sambung)

Othman: actually in welly there like some kiwi wants me to find husband for them

Aku: ooo

Othman: haha, sure u still young, marriage is not in your mind now rite eh? U shuld focus on study

Aku: yeah....

Pastu kitarng sambung berbual pasal benda laen

**because of my poor memory, this is not the exact dialoque of the conversation



  1. huhuhu...kawen ziq...jgn x kawen...

  2. hidayat tul nak kawen ngn ngn org kiwi.... x layak aku.. huhu