Saturday, April 9, 2011

My old love

All my life, ive been wanting to be a .... yes, its not a vet

So this is my story...

All my life, ive been wanting to be a ZOOLOGIST, yes i dont lie, still remember my 'folio kerjaya during F5, it was entitled ZOOLOGIST, the mock interview? Yes also zoologist... But?? why taking vet now?

Its all start after SPM, i had everything planned, i applied for UPU hoping to do Asasi Sains in either UPM or UM and from there to further into zoology course or marine biology course in any IPTA... Yes everything planned, i noe people said that it'll be hard to get jobs when u r doing these courses and even that u r fortunate enough to get a job, i wont pay much. But i dont care.. Itu semua rezeki Allah kan?

But everything change after SPM result came out, i never expect to get what i got... So with the result, I applied JPA, im quite dissapointed at first, because JPA obviously will not sponsor student for zoology or any course related to it. So the closest is VETERINARY... It took me some time to make the decision before i applied for that course, and thought, i may not going to get it anyway... I still remember when me and my fren Abu Zarim having problem nak dptkan cop pengetua (pengetua xder kat skola waktu tu) mase nak apply JPA, somting like this:

Abu : mcm ne ni, x dpt cop
Aku: entahla
Abu: Ni hri da jumaat, hri isnin dah nak kena hantar
Aku: entahla... err, aku rase klau x dpt bende pon x pe kot

And on that day, we waited for hours merayu2 kat penolong pengetua utk cop form kitarang... I still dont get it why is he reluctant to do it, But Alhamdullilah he do it mase last minute

So, that day passed, and i got the spot vet nz(and Alhamdulillah Abu also got it: engineering france tu, Hujung bulan ni die fly gi sane, may Allah bless him =)

So i make a new plan, since it also related to animal (which indeed i love wild animal) if i become a vet, i want to specialise in wild animal and mayb continue my master as soon as possible so that, so that i can specialise in studying instead of treating....

So here i am in NZ, but... i just newly found out, one of my senior yg x lepas pre-vet, change major into ZOOLOGY... im... x terkata...

If i study zoology here, it will b far more better than wat i planned before... Is this what Allah's had planned for me? My old love, come back hoping for a spot in this heart... What should i do? Allah give me guidance....

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