Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Bile kite keluar dkat Shah Alam, kebenyakkn jemaahnye trdiri dr studnts, lecturers, sometime ppl from professional careers.

But it is differnt from my hometown, as most of them consist of farmers, sometimes ex-army and ship captens that work in Akademi Laut MAlaysia (ALAM) nearby.

When ppl ask,

Wats your major boy? (or something like this)
I would answr veterinar follwed with my sudden smile n the sudden shock in their face, some dunno wat veterinar is, some feels its weird why i take this kind of choice... Then it take me quite a while to explain to them.. lol

But here, when i answered the same question (pretty much), it is actually cool with them, they know how much they need a real vets in this area... As most of them are farmers, there r alot complication happened here to their farm animals goats, cows, chicken etc...

Third day: There was emergency call from a local farmer right after Asar prayer, the call was meant to a more experienced farmer in the Jemaah. They had a problem with a labouring goat, she unable to continue- having an inversed birth (*lahir songsang, keluar kaki dulu), its hard coz when such thing happen, the baby will stuck in their mother womb. They were unable to get help from local Vet Department coz it is close around 5pm, i dunno wat happen to her next, but i heard they let her stay in that condition until the next morning so they can call for help from the vet dept. It is a sad thing as they cant do anything about it and i really3x wish i can do something to help

Alhamdulillah as i finished my three days in the path of Allah for this month, i was quite dissapointed as i cant go for 40 days as i had planned. *terleka dgn keseronokan duduk rumah... istifar

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  1. sedihnye kambing tu =( wish I can help. I dunno how, but I reeeeeaaallly wish so :(