Sunday, October 31, 2010


Its what natural selection is all about right? Survival of the FITTEST! In the end, I should not end up with those with no capabality to adapt! i must survive... I admit, it (selecting agent) destroyed most part of me but it highlight the resistive part of me, it grows... it grows strong.. STRONG! i must not FAIL

living like riding on a small boat on the open ocean to reach our destination..
but, as we travel, there will always be water pooling into the boat..
and if we ignored it n let our boat filled with water, soon, we'll never reach our destination but end up sunk to the bottom of the ocean..

water = dunya
destination = akhirat

My boat may sunk... but it can turn to SUBMARINE! (ak dah mula mengepek..)

(trying to make himself feels better~)

QUoted " aku pelik melihat orang yang mempercayai takdir Allah, tapi masih lagi bersedih.."

Ooo Allah, guide me.... dont let me go astray...

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