Monday, September 6, 2010

Raya Holiday progress

OK.. TRIAL SACE is in 2 weeks (right after holiday)

I hate this coz im not used studying at home, never at all..
SInce form 1 - i'll make home as a place of calm n peace, but only study hostel

So this is ma progress

6 september (3 days holiday) -

1.00 pm -Havent read any subject except bio (fav first!)... finished with
theme 1 macromlcls ~~ so slow...

5.00 pm - Enter cell: energy flow

5.30 pm - Ooooppss! terbuka PS2???

8 september


9 september

PS2 withdrawal....

13 September

2.30pm oohhh tiDAKK!! mula rse resah gelisah... smuanya da off schedule..hbes la.. esok balik cemara.. smbng (mcm start) study kat stu.. nyesal lak bwk balik buku byk2~

2.35pm -_________-...... starting to feel down... rse mcm mls nk score trial... <---- bhye nih! (tnde2 over confidence)

[will NOT keep on updating]

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